Open Lobby 328 will be hosted by Atom of Diepcord at the very start of May 11, 2019.


OPEN LOBBY #328: Viva la diepolution!

Tonight, we shall rise up and show everyone that the lower level classes are truly powerful! For this Open Lobby we'll be using the level 15 tanks as well as the basic tank to conquer the leaderboard and dominate the pentagon's nest. As a reminder, the tanks available to play for the open lobby are: - Twin - Machine Gun - Flank Guard - Sniper - Tank


A large portion of Open Lobby players were lagging. a-lpha was the only one that did not die at 45 and thus scored over 125,000 points. Total domination was established


  1. baby tanks
  2. Aight pay me
  3. yes
  4. finally got to level 45 while suffering from lag spikes
  5. looking at resource monitor to see if something was causing the lag spikes I am having, and noticed my network activity has a peculiar pattern
  6. umm finally me
  7. wait what i don't even know which green shape i hit
  8. gg to BEST IN STUDIES
  9. Ram machine gun for the win
  10. took down the anihilator
  11. 'Tis had been fun
  12. mm yes
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