Open Lobby 326 will by hosted by Astroman on 27 April, 2019 at 20:05:00 in celebration of reaching 2000 members.


19:48:00; Dark Slurp Boi: @OLMentions We reached 2000 members in this server! :tada: To celebrate i will be hosting an OL. We'll start in roughly ~ 15 minutes.

20:26:00; Dark Slurp Boi: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #326 - 2k MEMBERS CELEBRATION

To celebrate 2000 members, this open lobby will be different from other open lobbies. There wont be any restrictions. All you need to do is participate and you can get a token. Any tank and build is allowed. To have atleast some kind of goal in this open lobby, lets try to conquer and defend the pentagon nest.

(sorry for the delay)


There were multiple cases of a-lpha losing a level 45 to multiple rammers, including FULLMetal, and that is until a-lpha got a free 45. In one case, a-lpha almost killed FullMetal. The host became a tri-trapper and even Mallie form THE GROUP was playing.


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