Open Lobby 322 is an Open Lobby Event hosted by Atom of Diepcord. Unlike most open lobbies, there will be no stream about it. It has been postponed to Saturday for this reason


[21:28] Locktrap: @Stream Notify Hey everyone, wisdom toothless Locktrap here. The extraction went perfectly, and I've been recovering for the past few days. I still feel like taking a break from streaming, though. There won't be a stream tonight or tomorrow, but I think I'll do a relaxed War Thunder stream on Sunday just to stream something this week. I'll be back to the normal schedule next week.


For this open lobby, we'll be taking over a 4TDM map using the Twin Flank tank. You may use any build. Extra tokens will be given to all participants if we occupy 6/10 places or more on the scoreboard at any point during the open lobby.


Despite a-lpha's survival, the spawncamping in this game is severe enugh to make Atom end the open lobby 15 minutes away from the end.

Versesystem impactEdit

Lundstrom's Electrotraitor attacked the Red Color Constant at 07:30 on April 6, 2018, and pulled off Locktrap's Tooth of Wisdom 7 days later. This caused a wrath of burdenates to flood in there and disrupt gameplay.


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