Open Lobby 320 is an Open Lobby hosted by Atom of Diepcord


00:06] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #320 - THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE...

April Fools' day is coming up shortly so it seems appropriate to have an open lobby that reflects that! Tonight we'll be using tanks that use builds that clearly don't fit the purpose of that tank.

The available tank build combinations can be seen below:

  • clown: Auto-Smasher with any build.
    clown: Overtrapper with any build.
    clown: Ram Triple-Twin, Octo-Tank, Quad-Tank, Flank-Guard, or Twin Flank. (Extra token if you reach 50k)
    clown: Ram Triplet, Spreadshot, or Streamliner. (Extra token if you reach 60k)
    clown: Bullet-build Machine Gun, Sprayer, Twin, or Penta-Shot with zero reload.
    clown: Any drone tank (excluding Hybrid and Overtrapper) using a ram build. (Extra token if you reach 50k)
    clown: Landmine with 10/10/10/3 build (Extra token if you reach 75k)

[00:26] ATOM: @OLMentions Also I forgot to mention, due to the nature of this open lobby, you must submit a screenshot that shows you tank and build in order to receive a token.



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