Open Lobby 319 is an Open Lobby hosted by Diepcord.



So last week, you all protected me while I was roaming around the map as a lowly Tri-Trapper. This week, it's the opposite - in this open lobby everyone's goal is to try and kill me! I'll be keeping track of how many times everyone has killed me and how many times I kill someone. Here's how it's going to work.

small_blue_diamond: For every time you kill me - you get 1 point, but only if I'm level 30 or above. (I will post a screenshot of each "worthy" death in #diepio-talk)
small_blue_diamond: For every time I kill you - you lose 1 point. (I'll try to keep away from enemy bases to avoid spawnkilling)
small_blue_diamond: You can work together to kill me, however only the person who's credited with the kill get the point.
small_blue_diamond: Whoever earns the most points by the end of the open lobby will earn an extra token.

There are no restrictions in place in regards to your tank or build.


A spontaneous arena closure appeared after 20 minutes of failing to level up. After more struggling, a-lpha miraculously got 2 offscreen kills to become level 45 ranger. 3 players killed Atom, but only one got the token.


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