At 1 AM on December 16, 2018, Atom will be hosting an open lobby. Locktrap won't play or stream


There was gonna be an Open Lobby on December 14, but Locktrap killed it by going out of town and putting a boredom gap:

  1. [01:08] a-lpha theon!: so @ATOM is there gonna be an open lobby tonight
  2. [01:08] ATOM: Not tonight no
  3. [01:08] ATOM: I asked earlier if anyone wanted one but no one seemed interested
  4. [01:08] a-lpha theon!: But I want an Open Lobby because that would overwise pose a gap of boredom
  5. [01:09] ATOM: I can host one at 1:30AM (21 mins time) if people are interested, but it'll only be for an hour
  6. [01:09] ATOM: And obviously it won't be streamed. I think that's a major reason why people aren't interested this week.
  7. [01:10] a-lpha theon!: This means tat I cannot live without Locktrap available to host open lobbies
  8. [01:10] cold memer: i am uninterested mostly because i'm too busy tonight
  9. [01:11] cold memer: i would like one tomorrow though
  10. [01:11] ATOM: Otherwise we can just go in a CSL for 30 mins or so and do stuff in there instead
  11. [01:11] ATOM: Yeah I can host an open lobby tomorrow night if you guys would prefer that
  12. [01:11] a-lpha theon!: yes dewit
  13. [01:12] ATOM: I wasn't gonna return to hosting OLs until the Christmas OL next week but I'm willing to bring that forward if you guys really want an OL
  14. [01:13] cold memer: wait i think i have an idea for tommorow
  15. [01:14] ATOM: Christmas OL is planned btw
  16. [01:14] ATOM: But I'm willing to accept ideas for tomorrow's OL yeah


  1. Waiting for album
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