At 01:00:00 on December 8, 2018 there will be an Open Lobby hosted. Locktrap will also be streaming.


PEN LOBBY #303 - Reddit Doesn't Team

For tonight's open lobby, we're going back to the roots /r/diepio's [RDT] clan tag. We will be playing tanks that are impossible to team with in FFA modes. We're still going to be playing 4TDM though, so we can still work together as a team anyway! Make sure to put [RDT] in your name.

Valid tanks are: All Auto-series tanks Battleship Factory Hybrid Overtrapper Octo

Credit to Old Memer for the idea. Have fun!


Two uncommon experiences have been faced in the open lobby. locktraptrapper became a tri-trapper which caused the leaderboard to be totally dominated by greens. Then the base was camped by a Blue Sprayer and Predator.


  2. Killing an overlord
  3. Lag Death
  4. Left out
  5. Killed by base drones
  6. Factory dies, avenging a lost player
  7. [1]
  8. [2]
  9. [3]
  10. [4]
  11. Trapper base
  12. Waiting for ablum
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