There will be an Open Lobby event at 01:00:00 on November 17, 2018 in the UTC time zone. This is a rare event from a 3 milestone celebration: 300th open lobby, 9000 r/diepio subscribers and 300 Locktrap stream followers


At the last 10 minutes of November 16, Locktrap will play a competition and may nor be available to stream in this open lobby.

For our 300th open lobby (and because Locktrap got 300 Twitch followers) we'll be revolving this open lobby around the number 300(k) as well. We'll be using a tank that everyone has used at one point - the Basic Tank. Any build is allowed. Our goal is to hold the pentagon nest for as long as possible and prevent the enemy teams from gaining control of it.

Multiple bonus tokens are up for grabs in this open lobby with an extra token being given per 100k score earned, and of course the Traditionalist role is also there for those who hit 300k.



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