[🔴LIVE]⁠: Stream is online, open lobby over

This RARE open lobby event supports Baratheon's Recovery in the Hallowtide Party a few days later. This event starts at 00:00:00 October 27, 2018 in UTC.


About 50 minutes ago, Locktrap said he will be streaming His stream will soon go online and he will pick a server to play in. Atom will eventually provide us an opportunity to get tokens.

00:05] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #297 - THE HAUNTING

Welcome to our Halloween Open Lobby! :SpoopedPumpkin: :ghost: For this spooky open lobby, any tank with any build is allowed. The catch - you must use a blank name (yep, no clan tags, no spooky emotes, you must strictly be an unnamed tank.)

In addition to those requirements, there is also an additional challenge for those who want a bonus token - get 166k using either the Manager, Stalker, or Landmine tanks!

Please note that due to the nature of this open lobby, you will be required to send a screenshot in order to get a token as I obviously won't be able identify anyone who's playing.

The official Event Transcription of this Open Lobby is here


Domination wasn't established, but a-lpha got up to 113k manager before dying to a green team ambush. This was announced at the end of the open lobby.

An abhorrent name of a Heavy build Annihilator was also found on the green team.


  2. Atom as a sprayer
  3. Eliminated by a hybrid
  4. Token stealers
  5. Revenge of baby rammers
  6. [1]
  7. Waiting for Album
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