There will be an Open Lobby event at the start of October 6, 2018 in the UTC time zone.


Locktrap said he will be participating in a Team Fortress 2 event, and may not be available at the start of the stream. Open lobby starts at the normal time. The Titan will be hosting this open lobby.

Titan: OPEN LOBBY #294 - The Diep Navy In today's open lobby we'll be using tanks that specifically represent navy like warships which consists of the following. Battleship (for Aircraft Carriers) Destroyer Skimmer Fighters (for Aircrafts) Stalkers (for Submarines) Auto 5s (for Battleships)

If you want to you want to you can add "[DN]" in your name which stands for Diep Navy :P GOOD LUCK CADETS!


The Page to a-lpha was playing the game and killed a number of event-ruiners from the purple team


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