About 50 minutes ago, Locktrap said he will be streaming His stream will soon go online and he will pick a server to play in. Stellah will eventually provide us an opportunity to get tokens.

However, Stellah messed up when providing the open lobby note once, ghostpinging the open lobby players

OPEN LOBBY #291 - Gotta Snipe Em All! (Or destroy them all) In today's Open Lobby, we are using all Destroyer Branch or Sniper branches. Not the drone branches. We will hopefully try to take over the Penta nest and destroy all bullet spammers possible! And also dominate the leader board of course.




  2. Seeing that the entire Sniper branch except for the overseer was allowed in the open lobby, old memer took the risky road with the tri-trapper
  3. Lonely killed by crasher
  4. Overlord eliminated
  5. [1]
  6. Eliminated by a ranger
  7. [2]
  8. killed by a stalker returning to base
  9. [3]
  10. The Album (contains only old memer and a-lpha's image of the tri-trapper appearing briefly)
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