About 50 minutes ago, Locktrap said he will be streaming His stream will soon go online and he will pick a server to play in. Atom will eventually provide us an opportunity to get tokens.

[12:05 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #288 - BB TANKS In this open lobby, we'll be showing the opposition that you don't need to have large bullets to dominate the map, so for this open lobby we'll be using any tank that exclusively uses small bullets. A full list of allowed tanks can be found below:

  1. Gunner
  2. Auto-Gunner
  3. Streamliner
  4. Auto-Smasher
  5. Gunner-Trapper (yes I know this has traps as well but these are primarily used for defensive purposes rather than attacking.)
  6. Auto-Trapper (see above)
  7. Battleship
  8. Auto 3/5



In contrast to the other players, a-lpha was very lucky in getting many off-screen kills and killing the Guardian of the Pentagons in the first and last 4 minutes of the game. A lot of reds were invading the event due to HIB Nation playing with the event simultaneously


  2. Double off-screen kill
  3. 31k auto smasher
  4. Avenging Avocado
  5. Astroman's early view
  6. [1]
  7. Team fighting red
  8. [2]
  9. [3]
  10. [4]
  11. [5]
  12. [6]
  13. [7]
  14. [8]
  15. [9]
  16. [10]
  17. [11]
  18. [12]

Event conflicts with HIBEdit

HIB Nation has hosted an event in the same server that the Open Lobby was in about 25 minutes before the start.

  1. [13]
  2. [14]
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