The 286th open lobby focused on 2 classes of tanks: Destroyer branch and Assassin branch, all with bullet build. a-lpha tried to lurk due to an intersecting event, but in the last 5 minutes, a-lpha did manage to get a token from playing.

When the event ended, Atom took a bit longer to add the token for playing the open lobby:

  1. [1:09 AM] ATOM: t^add @Stellah Azurah @Locktrap @ATOM @/ˈɑɻ.ˈdi.ˈti.ˈɛm.ˈfɪf.ti.ˈwʌn/ @Warped Astroman @Imagine Wagons @Theres a -1% I'm Fake @old memer @Memoc OL #286
  2. [1:09 AM] BOT[RDT] TokenBot: @ATOM, Successfully added tokens to 9 members.
  3. [1:09 AM] Stellah Azurah: thanks
  4. [1:09 AM] a-lphazelf: why did you not give me a token @ATOM
  5. [1:09 AM] ATOM: t^add @a-lphazelf OL #286
  6. [1:09 AM] BOT[RDT] TokenBot: @ATOM, Successfully added tokens to 1 member.
  7. [1:09 AM] ATOM: Because I forgot

Transcript of event ~ August 11, 2018Edit

  1. [12:04 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #286 - ARTILLERY LINE

In this open lobby, we'll be using a mixture of Destroyer-tree (bullet-build) and Assassin-tree tanks to take over the map. The Destroyer-tree tanks will be likely doing most of the damage, while the snipers' main goal will be to protect the destroyers from any incoming snipers.Link:

  1. [12:16 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions New link since the previous one was being spawncamped. Also I forgot the mention that all tanks need to use a bullet-build so I've added that as well(edited)
  2. [1:01 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions Open lobby over! Send in your screenshots if you took any :camera_with_flash:


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  5. Aurora Vista and other's attempt t trying to leaderboard lurk
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  9. The Album (contains several images that aren't included in the above
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