The 284th open lobby features gameplay minutes after a lunar eclipse.


[12:03 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #284 - BLOOD MOON In this open lobby, we'll be using Smasher-tree classes. Rather than defending the pentagon nest as we typically do in open lobbies nowadays, we'll be taking a more aggressive approach and be hunting them down all over the map!


[1:01 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions And that's the end of that open lobby! Send in your screenshots and I'll compile them into an album as per usual.

Please note we are still playing in the server if you want to join us. (You will NOT be awarded tokens for joining the server from this point.)


  1. The Album
  2. sssssssssssssss's lockdown
  3. Sergio trickery
  4. 3 achievements by LDTM51
  5. Crashing into an alpha pentagon
  6. Nin2004 as a landmine
  7. Eliminating the leader
  8. Eliminating the battleship, before.. and after
  9. [1]
  10. [2]
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