The 283rd open lobby was a pentagon nest domination. They found a mystical green pentagon as they do. Locktrap was streaming but it was canceled later on due to outages.

Open Lobbies are weekly Friday events hosted at Diepcord that are themed in various ways.


[12:07 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions OPEN LOBBY #283 - SPIN CYCLE
In this open lobby, we'll be using Quad/Octo Tank, Tri-Trapper, or the Triple Twin and dominating the leaderboard. You must be using a non-rammer build that has at least 5 bullet speed. Our goal is to keep the pentagon nest under lockdown for as long as possible or until the open lobby ends.
[12:18 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions Looks like green team are getting ready to spawncamp us. Might be a good idea to focus more on that team for now.
[12:39 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions We held the pentagon nest for around 30 mins which is pretty good, but it looks like our group finally succumbed to red team who have taken over the pentagon nest. Let's take back what's ours! :fist:
On top of this, I'm now adding Tri-Trapper to the list of allowed tanks.
[1:05 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions Following news that Locktrap's stream is cancelled tonight I've decided to end the open lobby at 2:30AM BST (around 25 mins time.)
  1. [1:31 AM] ATOM: @OLMentions And that's a wrap on that open lobby! It started out pretty well, it's shame it became a spawncamp-fest towards the end.

Anyway, DM me your screenshots and I'll add them to the album! :camera_with_flash:


It took about 20 minutes for the domination to kick in.

At the 35 minute mark, the group found an extremely rare green pentagon. A smasher named Pikachu took the score.


Until we get a proper album, we have got a set of images

  1. Lone's highscore
  2. Defeating the Guardian
  3. a-lpha (roleplaying as Vienna and Spring Titania) sees a green pentagon
  4. Avocado's sight of the green pentagon (without that damage color) Also apparently an uncommon sightng of the spirit Spring Titania
  5. 8k's quad tank score
  6. Found in Diep Colony
  7. Avocado at base
  8. [1]
  9. [2]
  10. Avocado's death
  11. [3]
  12. The Album
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