The 282nd open lobby event hosted at Diepcord focused on improving the skill of 5 players in terms of their sniper skills



In contrast to the previously open lobby which involved a lot of close-up combat, this open lobby will involve the use of sniper tanks (not drone tanks or trappers) to pick the enemy team off from a distance!

(To elaborate on this, you're basically limited to the Sniper tank and any tank under the Assassin and Hunter trees.)


And that's the end of that open lobby! It didn't quite go as planned unfortunately due to the large number of bullet spammers on blue team, but we're still playing in the server if you want to join us! :tank:

If you have any screenshots from this open lobby, DM them to me so I can put them into an album! :camera:

Shortly after the open lobby, a-lpha died to an overlord at 230k


Open Lobby histories are in the form of an album. The album is currently pending

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