One Celebrity [🙌] is a tier 8 lumojite, Warpler Paladin and a member of Enviroball Empire. Even though his name contains "Celebrity", he is not in fact a celebrity.


One Celebrity's moves are similar to those of Best Friends of Style, but attacks from the momentum thrown by them and a-lpha.


Born from Spirit Mercury in the May 2016 Mercury transit. Entered the alphaverse on August 2, 2016 to take down Facre Empire and many clastrones. He partnered with April, a larger lumojite, which also had similar moves to him, but can bounce higher.

One Celebrity in the Karthus Disaster was thrown to attack Pumpgrim's Eagle and bounce off and take down flying imps.

Just before going to Dimension 16299, he was killed by Partners of Shife getting ambushed by the Shifelings

On April 2, 2018, a port in the Discord tetramount was attached, and in attempt to replace dead One Celebrity, B🚫ner⚠lert found Panda Glass.

In the British Demon disaster, just before Phase 2, he was revived by Spirit Glowforce X and became a Paladin of the Warpler.

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