[🔴LIVE]⁠: Final event starts at 01:00 on November 25, 2018.

The event happening after Open Lobby 301 is a DCCI event happening on November 24-25, 2018.


[05:58] Bone sword: @everyone DCCI Event - Return of the Rumble
There will be a 4TDM event on the 24th of November. All links will be given to all server and there will be no other restrictions.
There will be events at 11:00 UTC (7PM in UTC+8) and 18:00 UTC on the 24th and 1:00 UTC on the 25th. (8PM EST on the 24th)


Phase 1 of 3Edit

The link chosen was hosted in vultr-singapore, and about on hour in, the arena closed and no more links are available.

Kometh: The arena has been closed, and this stage of event is over. Stay tuned for events at 18:00 GMT and 2018/11/25 1:00 GMT!

Phase 2 of 3Edit

With the hassle of ping gone, there were also spawncamping of the blue base, making it impossible to level up to level 45. A ZCC event intersected it however.

Phase 3 of 3Edit

Locktrap will be livestreaming this phase of the event. This is the most active phase and although Purple as dominating the leaderboard at first, RDT took over and then Diep Colony, which was so die-hard that Atom said that thhe servr was ruining the event by sharpening the takeover and spawncamping. But it all started to change then a-lpha killed 3 DC players as a triangle and fighter in addition to keeping Locktrap Ranger alive, which what Diep Colony uses most of the time, and Green stopped the rest of the spawncamping.


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