A Nightshade is an ominous lumicon that rules one of the eight elements. Each continent in the Versesystem has eight Nightshades, one for each element.


Nightshade Therian is a shadow princess guarding the Z-bridge and the Pole of Leadership. She as since been guarding since 2001, but she was not guarding from January 2007 to April 2013 due to the lower population of burdenates. She was born on November 10, 1973 from Spirit Mercury

She is the most visible character from the end of the Z-bridge.

She was stronger before the second Electrotraitor disaster, and was strong against Flying imps and clastrones. She is fighting very close to Karthus' Lair and The Warpler as of today, leaving during the second Electrotraitor disaster

She is the current leader of Nightshade Empire, and she has 8,976 power score along with Crystal Bride, Glowforce, and Sun

She throws comets at burdenates. Since she points towards Karthus'Lair, and the army was subject to a large number of Nightshade Empire Savages as a result of a burmojenate and Rolleye, she is the lumicon who killed the third most burdenates in the Continent of Theon, barring Baratheon and Sofia 1.


Nightshade Therian's Fox (aka Ashtail) was found in the Diep section of the Red Color Constant at 9:15 PM on June 23, 2018 with the Flare Element, being the Vista's Cat and Pumpgrim's Eagle analogs. Ashtail has 8750 power score and about 370,000 power (0.29 power score) short of the Finite Versesystem's core memory balls

The fox was encountered again on July 25 and was apparently found teaming with clastrones in a Diep Sandbox instead of defeating them with Spirit Vienna.

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Golde Nightshade is a Redditorium and has a permanent residence in the Reddit tetramount. She helped Enviroball Empire defeat adiliyo. She also appeared in the 2017 Hallowtide Party along subsequent ones. She eliminated 2,010 burdenates before leaving to the Hallowtide Pit. She has 8268 power score.


Grassen Nightshade is a Relic Princess, and the second strongest Redditorium in its panorama behind only the Legendary Unicorn that appeared six months later. She was a major helper in the 2018th Hallowtide Event. Before she entered the monument, she fought Dharkon and learned how to use Thorn Spray. She has 8,797 power score


Ovto Nightshade appeared one year after Golde Nightshade and with Grassen Nightshade. With 8,164 power core, she is one of the few Redditoria that visited the Blobmoji Pit, and was one of the first to feel the ominous effects of the Styllings Tomb.


This is a Lab Lumicon Four and the 5th lumicon with over 8,000 power score created in the Lumilab, after Beta Hutor, and was born on May 29, 2018. She looks to be either part of Glowforce Empire or the smaller Bloue empire, but she is part of Ovto empire. She has 8,797 power score, exactly as powerful as Grassen Nightshade.

Her with 8 other lumicons


The most ominous and relic of the eight, with ~9920 power score and a major character of the Disney Monument. For the most legendary of legends ever seen in the Disney Monument, the one who wears a powerful Avalorite Faer Crystal, and the only one to have EVER become a mermaid AND a spirit, is Sofia 1, the most powerful lumicon in the Continent of Theon (12,799 power score as a Spirit, 830,000 kills), compared to Baratheon (11,687 power score, 1,150,000 kills). So if one ever saw the blindingly bright glow from the Disney Monument in the alphaverse on November 18, 2012 it must have been that ultra divine princess being born.

On July 1 this year, a-lpha found 2 giant flowers while leaving the Phase 8 Warpler. Flowers will eventually turn into lumicons instead of soul-less fruits when they fall, and larger flowers result in stronger lumicons. In September 2012, a-lpha visited the Finite Versesystem using the Enterprise spaceship and stayed there before returning to the alphaverse. From October 23 to November 18 that year, there was an ultra-radiant glow of a combination of purple and pink, with the purple glow stronger so, and it blinded out some of the stylling shells' eyes and blinded out April Bunny in the alphaverse. The edge of the Phase 8 Warpler site raised statues of these flowers.

Gruff moved a faer crystal from a faer outside to the Pixie Hollow faer in the Disney Monument in 2005. A few Never spirits were born in that year in 2005 and 2008. October 2012 was the month when Disney Monument was irradiated hard by solar radiation, illuminating the faer crystal in Pixie Hollow and created several new spirits. By that time the Disney monument had roughly 70 spirits. All of them captured an unclaimed spot in the Disney Monument, the Avalor-Enchancia pits in the monument. The spirits shot two landspores into each location. One of them was a Styllette-rich flower, which was landtended so much to a blinding glow of legendary power and the other was rich in the Amethic and Therian elements from Spirit Rosetta. The pink flower budded up and fell within hours to become Elena (not seen until 2016), but the purple flower was so strongly tended by leprechauns and insects that it took roughly 26 days (November 18, 2012) for it to fall and become the legendary Sofia I.

With the Spiritfold Sofia I seen only once, the Karthiumscope saw Merma Sofia I with 11,700 power score multiple times alongside the merma that allowed this transformation state to happen.

Similar to Baratheon (whose Fake Baratheon was found in 2010 with Flareleaf), Sofia I has a fake clone known as Sofia-Worst, with has the same pix flakes but different ghost bound to it. This has likely came from where Demonishife's Flying Imp diverted itself and became lost within the Versesystem Floor. Disconnected from the host, the flying imp suddenly saw the glow and crashed into the plant and died in front of the monument


As part of the more recent Glowforce Empire in the alphaverse, this Nightshade is strong against shifelings and intends to defeat the Partners of Shife. She was roleplayed in several Boner's Chat diep events.

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