The Media Spire is the Lighthouse at the Pole of Leadership that is designed to attract members of outside the Alphaverse to defeat Burdenates.


It was established on December 25, 2016 after a-artifact has entered the alphaverse and ended the Unlucky November.

Revision 1Edit

The first use of the media spire from December 25, 2016 to May 20, 2017 only added powerless raw-footage videos and the export rate was very high, and few lumicons praised the videos or resided there. Minor upgrades were established with the voice.

Revision 2Edit

This upgrade was in response to a few POL Burdenates from the Karthus disaster on May 20, 2017 to September 21, 2017. It eventually stopped the Pole of Leadership Burdenates who continued to kill lumicons. They eventually turned to Moments videos per responses on August 3, 2017.

Revision 3Edit

This upgrade was im response to a closure in the Youtube Video Editor, which made it possible to flexibly add music and sounds. It was established from September 21, 2017 to October 29, 2017.

Revision 4Edit

Videos become weekly, released every Sunday, causing a chronological order. Once Diep and Zombsroyale took over the videos, the views fall. This was established from October 29, 2017 and will end on July 1, 2018

Revision 5Edit

Videos remain weekly, but they are now sorted into 4 categories: Agar, Diep, Zombsroyale and Other Games. One iteration runs for 28 days, with the next video released on July 1, a new video released on July 8, a new Zombsroyale video will be released on July 15, and a new mix of Bomby, Zombs, Tanksmith, Arras, Cellz and/or Sims 4 released on July 22, where possible, otherwise it will be an video. This is hoped to increase the views, and can move flexibly across the communities, and hopes for the Zombsroyale Youtuber and several Content Creator tags.

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