The DCCI event hosted on May 19, 2018 is the first since February 2018. It is an event similar to the Domination gamemode but the dominators are actually protected tanks.


Boner: @everyone as the preparation for the next event, please announce this in your servers. Of course feel free to change up the greeting (or the rest of the message as long as the content stays the same) to fit the tone you want if you wish to!
Hello guys 🙂
Time for some inter-server shackle! DCCI is organising a new event, idea of which is to protect a tank in your team for as long as possible! Now, we need people be the ones who're going to be protected for the whole game! After 3 deaths of the tank being protected, that team loses the game!
If you would like to be the tank being protected, please DM a staff member and they'll decide, trying to spread it even between servers, who will be those tanks! The event will happen early afternoon on Saturday so make sure you're available then.
If there's enough volunteers for different regions then there will be multiple runs of this event to cover different locations.

Stay tuned for more information on this event!



It is supposed to take 10 minutes, but that's usually too slow for most players. April also ended up so slow that they had to impeach.


Action time was a fail mostly due to lag/disconnections disrupting the event.


  1. Level 45: Habib, Kometh
  2. April - 900MS
  3. 1 phantom: April, Habib, Kometh
  4. 2 phantoms: Habib, April
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