Lumicons are blue dots born from fertile land which fight Burdenates

How they form Edit

Outside the LumiLab Edit

The first lumicons (10100BC to September 2014) were spawned form floralized land from 🧚‍♀️s

Lumi-Lab Edit

Lumicons are born from Proto-lumicons transformed with the modules of the LumiLab.

Lumicon types Edit

  1. Blue Dot lumicons: The type that spawns from Spirits
  2. LumiLab Lumicon: The lumicon type from the Lumi-Lab
  3. Proto-lumicon: Untransformed lumi-lab lumicons
  4. Lufermons: Lumicons made in the LumiLab from 2009 to 2014. They can theoretically be synthesized the same way, with less texture variety but infinitely more color variety
  5. Lumojicons: Lumicons based on emoji

Behavior Edit

In General: They attack burdenates and build structures, protect themselves in bushes, and try to maintain the alphaverse

LumiLab: They reside at Lush Wonderland, feeling a happiness aura and socialize with other lumicons. They run from burdenates/fires or even fight them

Lumicon team

3 lumicons trying to attack zombies. One fires a dart and the other attacks it directly

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