This article is a list of disasters that affected the alphaverse, sorted by damage and their effects

  1. British Demon disaster: British demon jailed ports and crossteam with lumicons, The Anonymous Commisioner was a severe threat to the Discord tetramount, and the LumiLab struggles to operate
  2. Karthus disaster: Tier 9 Best friends of Style got lured to Demonishife's team alongside her disciplines. Over 100 darts were fired at the pole of Leadership, including Ima Mazing and Noam Noam, and a large number of Nightshade Empire savages
  3. Unlucky November: Burdenates attacked and damaged the Z-bridge and the Pole of Leadership. Inside Zeldaforme, the Karthium-scope was interfered with; only one warrior lumicon returned
  4. Lundstrom Disaster during Project Dota: a short disaster where an electrotraitor electrocuted the alphaverse when warping dimensions, and almost getting killed in The Warpler
  5. First Electrotraitor disaster: Burdenates involved in this disaster flaggered the Red color constant and shot down 88% of the lumicons there. 3 warnings while attaching the Wikimedia tetramount
  6. Second electrotraitor disaster: Cholery shifelings laugh at Rolleye's death. Zuspatte fired 17 darts at the Pole of Leadership
    1. December 13 incidents: Attacked by Dead Rolleye, possibly muted by Hyhyhy; the burdenates almost destroyed the LumiLab relay of he Discord tetramount
  7. October 7 incidents: wikia tetramount and Green color constant attacked. Chat section jailed for a week
  8. February 20 incidents: Threatened with an Edit farmer tag and a ban in the Wikia tetramount
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