In the Versesystem, life in the form of lumicons, burdenates and their middle ground is a core principal of the Versesystem, from the scattered nonpolar nomadic wildlife to the most industrious residents of major monuments. They range from the swarmers of the major Lumojite empires, all the way to the most capital member of the same group.

Life states have a very wide range of properties. The Power Score is the main variable, as this is the main statistic of the power of the life state. This is further taken in by the power score of each element and physical power score, and the ratios that separate power score into attack and defense power. Other properties, including properties of other members of the Versesystem Hierarchy can be found here.


A newly born lifestate will most likely have originated from land that has been grown by a parent Super-lifestate. About 90% of lifestates in the Versesystem are born this way. They are known as "natural lifestates"

A second method of lifestate birth is through irradiation of crystal floors especially in the prescence of their phantoms. Those not born under the influence of a phantom are said to be primordial as no life allowed their origin in the first place. The life born from crystal floors make up for 7% of the Versesystem population, and almost all of that is influenced by smoke phantoms. They are known as "mineral life states"

Engines such as the productive module of the LumiLab can produce lifestates at will. They are known as "soulcrafted lifestates" because engines are created by other lifestates instead of a deity, and make up for 3% of the Versesystem population. This number will be smaller the further back in time of the versesystem age. A super-lifestate can provide the reaction energy needed to combine lumicon remants and create lumicons that way. This is the phenomenon of Soulcraftery

Therefore, since the origin of Lord Lumine was from a spirit-grown plant, he is considered to be a natural lifestate. Demonishife was born from surface radiation from the Versesystem Floor and another planet and influenced by Karthus the Smoke Phantom. Demonishife is considered to be a mineral lifestate. Lastly, Beta Hutor was made by an engine manufactured by Lord Lumine and his monument architects known as the LumiLab, instead of natural land or crystal floors. Beta is known to be a "soulcrafted lifestate". The same is true for the Kisookolings.


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