The Karthus Disaster is a demisal event that occured on March 11, 2017 and ending on August 21, 2017 that destroyed almost 1000 styllings of the Pole of Leadership Empire and leaving the Pole of Leadership to significant damage from burdenates, and the Sims Forums tetramount got knocked off.

TL-DR Edit

Tengrimu, Namahagrim and the Oil rock skulls were invading the Wikia tetramount to a far extent, and even in 2 separate ports, one of which link to a minor monument.

In the last few days a-lpha was there before Dimension 15063, things started turning around. Best Friends of Style eliminated almost every clastrone contributing to this disaster, even Tengrimu, Namahagrim, Thar and the Oil-rock skulls. Before then, the opposing empire got eliminated. This happened between April 1 and 12, 2017. This made Karthus angry enough to move Pukalo Rencarnation to battle.

On May 1-20 2017, the Pole of Leadership's Media Spire gets under attack by a horde of burdenates. They were apparently successful and continued moving along to the Blobmoji Pit. On May 17, Demonishife, Pumpgrim, Pukalo Reincarnation and Old Man's Dust Sucker invade with a horde of Vitreums, Shifelings and flying imps. Ovto and Pole of Leadership Empires try to stop the fight but Pukalo Reincarnation throws a meteor down on them, killing the Pole of Leadership Empire.

Beta Hutor sees the overload of pix flakes in rubble, but Demonishife lured most of them to become Shifelings, Shifegrimu and the Partners of Shife. They send Spring Titania, Spring Oberon and Spring Merma (Amethic and Ovto).

In June 2017, the Pole of Leadership wat battered over 80 times by Pole of Leadership burdenates. Pengin and a few other remaining members got knocked down by Partners of Shife.

On July 12, 2017, fewer burdenates fired darts as they were distracted by Aurora Vista's brief presence in the Wikia Tetramount.

On August 21, 2017, Spring Merma, Spring Titania and Spring Oberon return to the Alphaverse and lure Bunnicula (the lured tier 7 Rabbit becomes tier 4) back to their empire.

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