The Karthiumscope is a powerful telescope in Zeldaforme to foreshadow events later on in the years such as new lumojites.


  1. The telescope was used to find several karthium bosses in Karthus' Lair, several faers, and new lumojites, such as those in the Pole of Leadership, Enviroball and Nightshade Empires.
  2. During the "hallowtide parties" in massive pits, lumicons that were basically lured flying imps enter Zeldaforme.


  1. In karthus' Lair (May 13, 2017), Demonishife summons and commands flying imps. Vista's cat sees them.
  2. (June 16, 2014) Pumpgrim Reaper in his graveyard, holding an oil rock skull under the moon
  3. The Battered survivalist scarecrow at about 8200 BC
  4. (October 31, 2015) Many lumicons and one spirit in the Hallowtide Pit
  5. Skyskor Faer in 2008, where Spirits Venus, Vienna and Mercury were.
  6. The same faer at a different angle
  7. An unnamed spirit found in Nightshade's Tower of the Gale
  8. The karthiumscope also saw Spirit Glowforce X and Y before they evolved into a different element by Spirit Spring Titania
  9. One of the Ultraviolence meteor chipping may have landed in this faer and destroyed it, resulting in a lured spirit
  10. New lumojites of the Enviroball Empire.
  11. More observations, such as the legends of the Disney Monument are found in the #observations room in Zeldaforme
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