A Karthium boss is a major character belonging to Karthus.


  1. Pumpgrim Reaper, a reaper that throws skulls and uses its scythe to lure victims
  2. Demonishife, a dark sorceress luring lumicons and summons flying imps
  3. Vista's Cat, a vistaling cat that sends a-lpha to the warpler
  4. Pumpgrim's Eagle, an eagle that can carry clastrones and destroy buildings.
  5. Pukalo Reincarnation, a shifeling that contributed to the Karthus disaster
  6. The Anonymous Commisioner, a heavily muscular shifeling attempting to destroy the Discord Tetramount
  7. Tengrimu, the largest clastrone that contributed to the Electrotraitor disaster.
  8. British demon, a lured member of the Red color constant that crossteams with other members in attempt to jail or destroy ports of the Discord Tetramount
  9. Partners of Shife, the largest shifeling formed by the Karthus disaster

There are karthium bosses which are neutral, not all of them are burdenates

  1. The Orne is a dangerous flying skull killed by warior burdenates, and their remnants have been found by a-lpha, but their current presence is unknown.
  2. The Battered survivalist scarecrow scares lumicons and burdenates away
  3. The Copyright is the leader of Team Propietarius
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