This event hosted by Bxner Alert at THE GROUP is the first Group event of 2020.


01:03]B🚫NER ⚠LERT:@everyone :pandaping: Time for another NITRO EVENT! This saturday at 8pm Eastern Standard Time we will drop a link for 2tdm for a gunner branch event. :smirkhat: This event will last 3 hours and NITRO WILL BE AWARDED TO EVERYONE who gets these scores with these tanks as follows:

  1. Gunner - 400k
  2. Streamliner - 500k
  3. Gunner Trapper - 600k
  4. Auto Gunner - 700k

\*remember to join event chat and use a recognizeable name or tell us your name so we know who you are. Only 1 nitro per person.


The first hour of the event was going well until the server was raided by a horde of F-22 witch hunters. They ruined the event for all players except Bxner Alert. The F-22 clan is part of the Shifeling Army, a Zerg Rush of shifelings who will ruin life for other lifestates in the alphaverse


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