A flying imp is a reddish-orange minion burdenate summoned by a vistaling

Demonishife summoning flying imps through a building built by a partially cursed lumicon

Flying imps can melt into snow, pick up enemy projectiles, and can even attack when they are knocked down.


Before the alphaverse was built, flying imps contributed to the destruction of Buildings.

They contributed to the luring of Vista's Cat, the building of the Warpler, and all 4 disasters from 2016 to 2018

Quintessent flying impsEdit

They are the same as normal flying imps except for their yellow color and the ability to strike lightning on land, lumicons and pix flakes.

Quintessent flying imps killed lumicons in both Electrotraitor disasters, where they got their original name from. In these disasters, they killed Glowforce 8 and Rolleye.

One of the most notable electrotraitor was Lundstrom's quintessent flying imp. In the British demon Disaster, it jailed the entire Discord Tetramount, the Red color constant, Media Spire and the LumiLab and made a-lpha miss a Wednesday war, which was emoji-themed. It also constantly electrocuted the alphaverse since August 2018 with the worst damage in the Lundstrom Disaster.

A Karthiumscope observation changed their official name to Quintessent flying imps

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