A flim war was hosted for June 7, 2018 to replace a Wednesday war that was missed due to jailing.

a-lpha: Someone please tell the Flim chat to plan a war for tomorrow because I cant attend the wednesday war hecause of my stupid mother
Wim: hey @everyone, based on this amazing message i'd like to announce a new Flim-war for tomorrow. @NEED WEEKLY's SERVER can't play the wednesday war, same for me, so i hope this would be a great compensation. This time it will be a FFA-event, which means that we all join the same server and fight each other to reach the first place. The war starts at 20:00 Amsterdam Time and will end after a while. If u'd like to participate, react with a heavy checkmark :heart:


This is the result of a revival quest scenario, they all dominate and force the teamers off the ramp.


  1. A team they are about to face
  2. Leaderboard (with April)Deleted by 403 error
  3. Progress made
  4. Wim
  5. Leaderboard (with me) Deleted by 403 error
  6. Noshuru at the top: [1][2]
  7. Noshuru's almost-hour survival
  8. Tiny Dino at the top (token 1)
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