Blaze at THE GROUP will host an uncommon disco event on August 19/20, 2018


[2:13 AM] [DELOS] BlaZe: We are having a new event! This one is a singing contest xD. To join, you must dm me so I can know who wants to join. I will tell you the date later on. The contestants will choose their own songs and sing it for everybody in the vc. 3 judges will decide who is the winner and the top 3 will get a role! :panda: I will tell u the date tmr. Cya until then :D love u all btw. @everyone(edited)
[2:26 AM] [DELOS] BlaZe: Btw, u must dm me if u want to join lawl

August 16, 2018

[12:12 AM] [DELOS] BlaZe: This sunday 9:00 EST time zone


About 5-6 people sang their songs to the group in about 2 hours, and no one actually played Diep.

During the event, the chat knew that Boner Alert had a music YT channel and is part of a band.

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