Flagger-hunting is the action of pursuing a player to take revenge or because of their strength. players often refer to flagger-hunting as 'savaging'.

Vampire being hunted

A flagger hunt in OOMB version 2


It was invented in Q4 2015 for Super Smash Bros 4 once a CPU KO's a player at least 3 times without successfully KOing them back

It was later introduced in OOMB v2 in September 2017 with the same procedure for enemies and many other ways

It was also used in in 2017 to take down pro players such as german girl on March 15.


  1. Type 1 flagger-hunting, the hunt in OOMB and in to take revenge against skillful players. The german girl hunt on Mar 15 is an example
  2. Type 2 flagger-hunting is pre-emptive and more savage, used only on FFA/Exp teamers and cross-teamers


  1. On December 16, 2017, TLA told me off for mis-using the Type 2 flagger-hunting, the one used for pre-emptive savaging. This was recalled on the next day.
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