This fighter takeover started 12:15 AM on May 13, 2018 and is currently hosted at Boner's Chat by Lord Tristan. This event was somehow very short sue to opposing team fighting, notably Killing Flies, an overpowered annihilator


Lord Tristan: Tonight's event will be a Fighter 2-TDM takeover. Everyone will be on one side during the event.
Rules of the event:
1. Everyone must use fighter. No other tank.
2. Do not be on the opposite side of everyone during the takeover. It ruins the point of the event.
The event will start at 8:15 P.M. EST. Be there or be square!

a-lpha slept at about 8:20 PM GMT and Nightshade woke up at 12:13 AM when the event is ready:


Lord Tristan: The event has started! Here's the link:
Remember: Everyone must use fighter!

Several other fighters reached level 45 faster than Nightshade but they died quickly to red players, including Killing Flies. Subsequently, the reds took over and all players left.

Nightshade was the only one to surpass 100k in this event.


  1. Boner's Start
  2. Boner at level 45 (see build)
  3. Nightshade after 23 minutes
  4. Habib after 45 minutes since event
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