At the very start of 14 April, 2019, B. Alert will be hosting a rare feeding event.


[23:01] T⚠C🚫 BELL: @everyone Hey guys were havin another event this weekend on saturday around 8pm eastern. We are gonna wait for a new server and then I will be autotrapper and accept as many suicides aa you can do. You may be thinking Ive heard of this before, but the only difference is I will be writing down names and numbers on a paper and keeping track of the free points you give and whoever gives me the most will get 1 MONTH FREE NITRO :open_mouth: for every level 45 suicide you will get 1 point! If you killed a group member to get these points you will lose 1 point! SO WORK TOGETHER FRIENDS and good luck! I will be moderating the event in the event chat audio channel so feel free to join in on the fun! See you there friends! :PandaUmaru:



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