Members of the alphaverse host events every few days in the Discord Tetramount and the Red color constant.

Event time rules Edit

What times are permitted or not

A table showing what times events are allowed on. Red: Disallowed or events in locked times, Yellow: Allowed but questionable, Green: Allowed

  1. Unless there's a school holiday, events must not take place from Monday to Friday 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM UTC because the Warpler dissallows me from attending events or staying up after 10PM on School nights. Same rules go from Sunday to Thursday from 10PM to 12AM.
  2. Due to the Warpler (unless a school holiday is taking place), events must end before 7AM UTC on Monday to Friday and must not take place from that time until 1PM UTC
  3. Events are reccomended to start at least 5 minutes away from the ending of another event and events must not intersect. In a Wednesday War, SNF or other events without a specified ending, events must start at least 2 hours after the start.
  4. Events can take place in early mornings but they must be announced in active times and are only allowed on Weekends or School Holidays.
  5. From 8PM to 12AM or 1AM on Saturday/Sunday, events may take place there but a problem with tiredness will come, because I sleep at that time for Boner's Chat event
  6. In all other times on Sunday, it is not reccomended to host events on that day of week as I am mostly behind-the-scenes.

List of eventsEdit

Saturday Night FightsEdit

SNFs are indefinete events hosted at the JP chat every Saturday at 19:00:00 GMT. The player stays the same color for the entire event, and the duration is dependent on the player's eager to continue playing. There are no cases for crossteaming or even exchange between other colors, and no mercy shall be shared.

Diepcord Open LobbiesEdit

Open Lobbies are well structured events and still go on today. These events last an hour (usually 00:05:00 to 01:05:00) on Friday to Saturday.

Locktrap, the owner of Diepcord, announces the livestream at 23:00:00, and brings it online at about 23:50:00 along with another announcement. In those approximately 15 minutes before an open lobby starts, Locktrap reveals to the audience, behind the scenes, where the event is taking place, and then ATOM, the second highest staff, posts the objective to the Open Lobby Event room.

The games are most likely 4TDM takeovers with specific tanks or builds and are occasionally used to celebrate events suh as Locktrap's birthday, milestones and anniversaries. Ocasionally, there are opportunities to get extra tokens.

Open Lobbbies provide a chance to give players some tokens and towards the end of the open lobby, players can ping or DM Atom to send screenshots to an Imgur Album.

The Group eventsEdit

Every Sunday at 00:00:00 or 01:00:00 GMT, Boner Alert and others provide opportiunities to play in a FLashmob, Trapper pentagon nest domination or attempting to feed Baller to 10 million Auto Trapper in maze. There are usually other events in between.

Diep Colony EventsEdit

These events are hosted at random times of the week from 2PM to 8PM, and they can be 2-phase civil wars, takeovers, score speedruns or even sandbox events

DCCI eventsEdit

These events are uncommon, and 4 of these events are hosted every year. The last such event was on May 19, 2018. Wikia SandboxesEdit

These events usually take place at the last Saturday of a month in the afternoon. The porcedure is that in the downtime, the players that reside there write improvements to the wikia, and once the sandbox starts, they start talking about it for the first hour, and then they play, usually in Sandbox for the next 30 minutes, and the remainder is used in the 2 Teams gamemode.

Here's a topic of the July 28, 2018 Sandbox:

  • Ursuul: “GellyPop's Primary Topic: Notice Template for Arras Beta-Tester-Exclusive Content”
  • Fighter is the best: ANOTHER TEMPLATE?
  • Ursuul: Banarama would you be willing to throw together a top hat & an accompanying Category to go with it?
  • Banarama: Resolution: Tidal will handle the majority of template conversions — no vote necessary
  • Ursuul: should take like 5 minutes
  • Banarama: Sure
  • The Tidal Wave: Not just me
  • Ursuul: Patrik is also helping Tidal
  • The Tidal Wave: Me and Patrik
  • Banarama: But actually
  • Banarama: I don't know anything about arras
  • Fighter is the best: Because I create mock-up arras pages, I would agree.
  • The Tidal Wave: I say yes to this one too
  • The Tidal Wave: Just do something like the Removed template
  • Banarama: I'd vote to have someone help me
  • Ursuul: @Bana this isn’t anything big, you’re just doing literally what Gelly asked
  • Banarama: tru
  • a-lpha: We should have a category template based on Beta-tetster-only content, so no inserting it in threads and message walls please.
  • Type: Sparky: The Beta Tester templatE?
  • Banarama: but what should image be
  • Ursuul: Just throw together a top hat
  • Fighter is the best: Old
  • Type: Sparky: Yeah we need this
  • Banarama: Testbed?
  • The Tidal Wave: say it's a Dev-only tank, yadda yadda
  • Fighter is the best: Yes
  • Ursuul: Testbed works
  • Banarama: should I do testbed image
  • Banarama: ok
  • Banarama: Neat
  • Fighter is the best: Or Mock-up
  • Type: Sparky: People will be asking "why is this tank not available"
  • Ursuul: yeah that’s what this top hat will be fore
  • Ursuul: for
  • Ursuul: to clear that up
  • Banarama: Mock-up tanks — should we document them as active Arras?
  • Fighter is the best: No.
  • Ursuul: I’m inclined to say no until our other stuff is up to snuff
  • Type: Sparky: Top hat?
  • Banarama: Notice template
  • Ursuul: we have enough to work on without adding future things to our plates
  • Type: Sparky: What do you mean by that
  • Fighter is the best: Why should we document a tank as existing when it is unreal???
  • Ursuul: yeah it’s like `Template:Author`
  • Type: Sparky: Sorry for my cluelessness
  • Banarama: It is Canada of Arras page
  • The Tidal Wave: @Sparky we mean stuff like Author template
  • Banarama: @Fighter I thought that was what you suggested
  • Ursuul:
  • Type: Sparky: I don't get why we say "top hat"
  • Banarama: It is at the top
  • The Tidal Wave: because it's at the top of the page
  • Banarama: Notice template can be vague sometimes
  • Ursuul: yeah it’s just a notice at the top of the page
  • Banarama: ^
  • Type: Sparky: oh
  • The Tidal Wave: or it's supposed to be, as you demonstrated by NOT putting it at the top with the Heatseeker page
  • Type: Sparky: ok
  • Fighter is the best: Just saying
  • Banarama: Okay
  • Type: Sparky: tidal trying to bash everyone as usual
  • Type: Sparky: 😏
  • Ursuul: alright resolution is that Bana will make the top hat
  • Ursuul: next topic
  • The Tidal Wave: YOU KILLED THE CHAT
  • a-artifact: Özün Oldun has joined Special:Chat
  • The Tidal Wave: ah thank god

Here, Ursuul explains GellyPop's topic to the group and asks Banarama to create a category template for beta-tester exclusives for "Fighter is the best" agrees because he creates mockup arras pages. Banarama later says there should be an image, and they vote that it should be TESTBED.

Overall, the fans will now think it's a developer-only tank instead of getting confused, and Ursuul and Type:Sparky agree.

But at the end, we see that there's one snag in the sandbox. Type:Sparky posted an emoji in the DW~Bridge, which causes a programming error that Ursuul has to resolve.

Flim WarsEdit

Flim wars used to be hosted in the currently inactive server of Flim (Floris and Wim). They were in Team mode as well as FFA.

Wednesday WarsEdit

They are similar to SNFs, but with 2 major differences. They are hosted on Wednesday, and people sign up for the event. EventsEdit

These events hosted at their own server host events every few days in all gamemodes and some private servers, in EU or NA.

Rare events Edit

  1. ALL TOGETHER event hosted at JP chat
  2. Holiday Spirit event, hosted on December 16, 2017 by ghostgirl
  3. Baller feeding event, hosted on April 2, 2018 by Baller
  4. Boner feeding event, an un-announced event hosted by Boner to feed him to 10 million Dominator
  5. Bisschat 2018 event, a Revival quest event hosted at the Biss chat
  6. The Second Baller Feeding event, July 6/7, 2018, a rare feeding event that got Baller to 4.4m
  7. Open Lobby 297, The Haunting
  8. The Reunion of the JP Chat

Past Events attended Edit

  1. SNF events from March 4, 2017 to Present Day
  2. Dimension 16299
  3. October Wikia Sandbox: [1]
  4. November Wikia Sandbox: [2]
  5. December Wikia Sandbox; not an announced Sandbox per se
  6. Flim War of January 12, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Wim
  7. Flim War of January 15, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Wim
  8. Flim War of January 20, 2018, an FFA War hosted by Wim
  9. Flim War of January 21, 2018, an FFA War hosted by Wim and a Team mode Civil War hosted by Kimmy
  10. January Wikia Sandbox: [3]
  11. February DCCI Event, a DCCI event hosted by Warrior, followed by a Civil war and Takeover whose announcements were lost.
  12. Flim War of February 11, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Kimmy
  13. February Wikia Sandbox: failed
  14. Wednesday Wars from February 28, 2018 to Present Day
  15. Flim War of March 18, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Wim
  16. Flim War of March 30, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Wim
  17. March Wikia Sandbox: [4]
  18. Trapper Civil War of April 13, 2018, a Civil war event using Trappers, hosted by Boner Alert
  19. Diepcart event of April 16, 2018, a supposedly Diepcart event, but instead a takeover.
  20. Necromancer Takeover of April 21, 2018, a Necromancer Takeover hosted by Lord Tristan
  21. Flim War of April 26, 2018, a Team mode Civil War hosted by Wim
  22. Battleship takeover of April 28, 2018, a Battleship Takeover hosted by Lord Tristan
  23. Basic Tank RAD Clan War of April 30, 2018, a Basic Tank Takeover hosted by The Machine
  24. Stalker Takeover of May 2, 2018, a Stalker takeover hosted by Apex Predator
  25. Streamliner takeover of May 4, 2018, a Streamliner takeover hosted by Apex Predator, followed by a turnaround in 2tdm where I scored 530k
  26. Battleship takeover of May 11, 2018, a Battleship takeover hosted by Apex Predator
  27. Fighter Takeover of May 13, 2018, a fighter takeover at Boner's Chat
  28. 4TDM event with lower class tanks, hosted by Apex Predator
  29. Civil War of May 25, 2018: a 4-tank civil war hosted by Apex Predator
  30. Octo Tank takeover of May 27, 2018, a 2tdm takeover hosted by Lord Tristan and partially by a-lpha
  31. Destroyer event of June 1, 2018, a 4tdm destroyer event hosted by Apex
  32. Flim War of June 7, 2018, designated to replace the Wednesday war missed due to jailing
  33. Diep Colony world event of June 2018, June 10/11 and June 13, 2018
  34. Open Lobby 277 June 11, 2018: Power of 8000
  35. Open Lobby 279 June 23, 2018: Birthday Bombardment
  36. June 2018 Wikia Sandbox
  37. Open Lobby 280 June 30, 2018: Locktrap's Birthday Blast
  38. Takeover of July 1, 2018 an uncommon Disco and a Takeover hosted by Boner
  39. Open Lobby 282 July 13/14, 2018: The Shooting Range
  40. tower defense event, July 14, 2018
  41. Trapper takeover of July 15, 2018 an uncommon trapper pentagon nest domination
  42. The events hosted at the respective chat
  43. Open Lobby 283 July 20/21, 2018: Spin Cycle
  44. Open Lobby 284 July 27/28, 2018: Blood Moon
  45. 4TDM dual of July 28, 2018, a 2-factor and 2-phase civil war
  46. Open Lobby 286 August 10/11, 2018: Artillery Line
  47. Civil War of August 14, 2018
  48. Open Lobby 287 August 17/18, 2018: Rise of the AI
  49. Sandbox event of August 18, 2018
  50. Flash Mob of August 20, 2018, one of few non-gaming events
  51. Ogar Tournament of August 24, 2018
  52. Open Lobby 288 August 24/25, 2018: BB TANKS
  53. Tier 3 tank takeover of August 26, 2018
  54. Open Lobby 289 August 31/September 1, 2018: AIR, LAND, AND SEA
  55. Pentagon Nest Hunger Games of September 3, 2018
  56. Open Lobby 290 September 7/8, 2018: THE EXCLUSION ZONE
  57. Open Lobby 291 September 14/15, 2018: Gotta Snipe Em All! (Or destroy them all)
  58. Pub War of September 15, 2018
  59. The First Group Anniversary September 15-17, 2018
  60. Open Lobby 292 September 21/22, 2018: The Building Site
  61. Open Lobby 293 September 28/29, 2018: Alternative control
  62. Project Dot-A October 1-5, 2018
  63. Open Lobby 294 October 5-6, 2018: The Diep Navy
  64. Auto/Trapper/Gunner Civil War of October 5, 2018, canceled
  65. CEL's Civil War of 11 October 2018
  66. Open Lobby 295 October 12-13, 2018: The Long Haul
  67. Group Event of October 14, 2018
  68. Open Lobby 296 October 19-20, 2018: Bullet Inception
  69. CEL's Civil War of October 25, 2018
  70. Open Lobby 297 October 26-27, 2018: The Haunting
  71. Baratheon's 2018th Hallowtide Party
  72. Open Lobby 298 November 3-4,2018: RESILIENCE
  73. CEL's civil war of November 4, 2018
  74. Open Lobby 299 November 10, 2018
  75. Destroyer takeover of November 11, 2018 Uncommon event because a video about it will be uploaded.
  76. War Event of November 16, 2018, mostly failed
  77. Open Lobby 300 November 17, 2018
  78. Open Lobby 301 November 24, 2018
  79. November DCCI Event: Return of the Rumble November 24/25, 2018
  80. Drone class takeover on November 26, 2018
  81. Open Lobby 302
  82. CEL's civil War of december 2, 2018
  83. Open Lobby 303 (304 and 305 missed)
  84. The Santa's Sleigh Event of December 24, 2018
  85. Open Lobby 306
  86. Open Lobby 307
  87. the a-lpha eclipse takeover
  88. Diep Colony event of January 6, 2019
  89. CEL's civil war of January 6, 2019
  90. Open Lobby 308
  91. Open Lobby 309
  92. Open Lobby 310
  93. Open Lobby 311
  94. Open Lobby 312
  95. Open Lobby 313
  96. CEL's Civil War of February 9, 2019
  97. Flash Mob of February 10, 2019
  98. Open Lobby 314
  99. Open Lobby 315
  100. Open Lobby 316
  101. Open Mic Night of March 1, 2019
  102. Group Event of March 2, 2019
  103. Open Lobby 317
  104. Open Lobby 318
  105. Open Lobby 319
  106. CEL's_Agar_revival_quest_of_23_March_2019
  107. Open Lobby 320
  108. Group_event_of_March_31,_2019
  109. Open Lobby 321

Upcoming events; Times are UTCEdit

  1. Open Lobby 322 12/13 April, 2019 (00:00:00)
  2. Fast Food event of 13 April 2019 (01:30:00}
  3. Feeding event of 14 April 2019 (00:00:00)

Attendance notesEdit

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