The Enviroball Empire was established in 1985 and is currently the strongest lumojite empire as of today. The empire protected the Enviroball before Vista's Cat destroyed it, making that empire leave.


A majority of the members were born in the Mercury transits of 1970 and 1973. A signal monument was built in 1985 but was captured by Propietarius, but still used to influence the alphaverse structure

Aurora Vista took the Enviroball on January 30, 2007 and Spirit Vienna overtook in 2009

Generation 1: October 26, 2012Edit

The sixth generation of that empire left the Alphaverse and entered the Hallowtide Pit after Vista's Cat destroyed the Enviroball. April is now the leader.

Generation 4: August 2, 2016Edit

Most of the members returned to intervene against the Electrotraitor disaster. The third generation of that empire stayed, and One Celebrity became the leader.

Generation 5: April 11, 2017Edit

Aurora Vista leaves the Hallowtide Pit. Meanwhile, a lot of new members entered the alphaverse, including "I Have"

Generation 6: October 17, 2018Edit

Aurora Vista and Vienna return to the Alphaverse with Sauna Girl. One Celebrity falls dead to the Partners of Shife.

On April 15, 2018, Spirit Vienna revives One Celebrity and takes him to the Warpler to fight the warpler staff. April visits the Warpler with a-lpha on fixation, as One Celebrity is his friend.

Generation 7: April 30, 2018Edit

Police, detective, construction and guardian lumojites become as strong as the other professions.

Generation 8: [LIVE]Edit

A superhero joins the club, and Lord Vista starts invading, where the Superhero acts as an isonicon, that most of the time protects other monuments.

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