The Emoji Panorama is a 96x7900 array in Zeldaforme used as a dictionary for many objects and members in the alphaverse. The entire array was completed in September 2017.


  1. Apple Tower
  2. Pole of Leadership Empire
  3. Enviroball Empire
  4. Karthiumscope observations around the Apple Tower
  5. Nightshade Empire
  6. Grassenstorm
  7. Birdie Empire
  8. Bloue/OMDS Empire
  9. Solatrislings
  10. Merma Empire
  11. Pyroclastrone Empire
  12. Paladins of the Warpler
  13. Dormant Foxes
  14. Tetramount Bank Empire

Revision of 2017Edit

  1. Only 104 tier 6+ lumojites were allocated, and most of them were named quite differently. For example, Best Friends of style was nicknamed "Dreams Come True", and the lumojites of Spring Titania and Spring Oberon were merged. Eventually it came up to the lumojites all the way to November 1, 2017. It was before lumicons and burdenate hunters were merged.
  2. Burmojenates were different as well. It was thought that the Old Man's Dust sucker or the Sharp Skull in the counter of Merma's Empire were the heaviest burmojenate and the strongest were the Partners of Shife. Burmojenates were single emoji rows at the time and 44 were allocated.
  3. Within the Platforms section, it was marked as during the second Electrotraitor disaster. It allowed a simulation called "Emoji Country" to be created.
  4. In the Prefs table, the grid was about 70x6820 as it did not contain every emoji by codepoint as of today. The rating system was 7-step, from -3 to -1 (burmojenates) and +1 to +4, with 3+ being allocated as lumojites

Revision of 2018Edit

  1. Platforms were listed more intricately and included the count of emojis and more details.
  2. 2037 tier 6+ lumicons were listed, but pix is much less precise.
  3. 19 Repair systems were constructed to allow the table to display every cell correctly.
  4. The Tier table was separated from other information
  5. It has a "Sheet of Changes"
  6. The tier table has 11 lumojite layers and 9 burmojenate layers, resulting in a 20-step rating system.

Revision of 2019Edit

This system will start on December 1, 2018.

  1. It will contain a rating system from -100 to 110 in preparation for lumojites overcoming the strength of Glowforce X and burmojenates stronger than the Partners of Shife. Mileposts at tens will be placed for better operation. The mileposts are
    1. 100 for Flareless Glowforce X,
    2. 90 for Therian Nightshade
    3. 80 for the Enhanced Bunny in Pole of Leadership Empire VI
    4. 70 for Glowforce Empire's Tidal Wave
    5. 60 for the lured flying imp in Merma's Empire
    6. 50 for the 68th Stylling Shell, the kawaii symbol in Pole of Leadership Empire II
    7. 40 for the double-lured rabbit that formed at the end of the Karthus disaster
    8. 30 for Clastrone Boomerangs
    9. 20 for Bloue III's πŸ‘­
    10. 10 for Merma's Shell
    11. 0 for Twemoji's white square. This is the ranking baseline, and it's equal to about 1500 other emoji panorama objects. About 45000 cells in the panorama overcome
    12. For burmojenates:
    13. -120 for Tengrimu
    14. -80 for Shife
    15. -70 for Ogreclastrone of OMDS Empire
    16. -60 for the False Horse
    17. -50 for Shifegrimu
    18. -40 for the Nose Basher in Shife's empire
    19. -30 for the Raging Clue Face
    20. -20 for the blue Shock face
    21. -10 for the "Not Rosebud" burmojenate
  2. The information in emojis in general shall be expanded on in the codepoints section
  3. When emojis are added to the sheets, they are reviewed between the mileposts.
  4. Emoji grid is arranged between the width of the screen and then the vertical height with just over 7500 emoji images. In this case, the arrangement of the grid used for review is approximately 300 cells deep.
  5. A smaller emoji grid can be used to find differences between the looks of emoji. That grid covers about 44 horizontal cells and is approximately 150 cells deep, and the emoji are half the size of the above.


  1. Microsoft Edge (the browser that uses HTML to render the emoji images) can only fully render about 7700 before further images ripple and leak. Loading 1500 and beyond causes a varied length of an unresponsive browser before emoji images load. The browser will become permanently unresponsive in attempt of loading 20,000.
  2. Oftentimes, the alias tags of future are more different than normal, which cause gaps within cells. Repairs can circumvent them
  3. Emojipedia says that Microsoft falsely unsupports certain gender emojis which are equivalent to their counterpart. It has been a problem since the Creators update. Emojipedia also says that Whatspp (2.17) falsely unsupports the gender neutral versions of several emoji.
  4. The problems above resulted in 3 different rendering repairs for the gender neutral Weight lifting and Basketball emojis with skin tones.
  5. One of the biggest issues is with the "Copydirection War". Propietary operating systems may count their emojis in the panorama a potential infringement. It is the case for about 60% of the panorama. Apache license that Google's emoji uses and the CC-BY-SA that Twemoji, EmojiOne and Mozilla uses results in the Emoji Panorama grid being licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and several additional acknowledgements. Fair use doesn't count due to the high number of propietary emojis and only about 5% of the emojis are in the public domain due to simplicity.


  1. Repair #1 allows Experience 8's and Facemoji 2's emojis that use "FE0F" to render on the cells.
    1. Normal: white-smiling-face_263a
    2. Repaired: white-smiling-face_263a-fe0f
  2. Repair #2 allows the emojis using skin tones and "FE0F" to render on the grid.
    1. Normal: man-in-business-suit-levitating_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-1-2_1f574-1f3fb_1f3fb
    2. Repaired: man-in-business-suit-levitating_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-1-2_1f574-fe0f-1f3fb_1f3fb
  3. Repair #3 allows skin tone sequences to render on the grid in iOS 9.0-1 and Whatsapp 2.12-16.
    1. Normal: baby_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-1-2_1f476-1f3fb_1f3fb
    2. Repaired: baby_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-1-2_1f476_1f3fb
  4. Repair #4 and #21 allows gender neutral emojis that support gender stones to render on the screen and appeal the hassle of falsely unsupported emoji images.
    1. Normal: police-officer_1f46e
    2. Repaired: male-police-officer_1f46e-200d-2642-fe0f
  5. Repair #5 allows gendered emojis identical to the base emoji on Microsoft to render on the grid.
    1. Normal: male-police-officer_1f46e-200d-2642-fe0f
    2. Repaired: police-officer_1f46e
  6. Repair #6 and #7 allows πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ, πŸ‘³β€β™€οΈ and united nations flag to properly render on the grid in iOS 10, Android 7.1 and Twemoji 2.2.0-1's cases.
    1. Normal: men-with-bunny-ears-partying_1f46f-200d-2642-fe0f
    2. Repaired: men-with-bunny-ears_1f46f-200d-2642-fe0f
  7. Repair #8 allows emoji from Emoji 5.0 to porperly render on the grid in EmojiOne 3.1's case
    1. Normal: emoji-one/104
    2. Repaired: emojione/104
  8. Repair #9 allows the πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ emoji on platforms released before March 1, 2017 to render on the grid
    1. Normal: eye-in-speech-bubble_1f441-fe0f-200d-1f5e8-fe0f
    2. Repaired: eye-in-speech-bubble_1f441-200d-1f5e8
    3. Repaired (iOS 9.1): eye-speech-bubble_1f441-200d-1f5e8
  9. Repair #10 allows the πŸ₯› emoji on platforms released before January 1, 2017 to render on the grid.
    1. Normal: glass-of-milk_1f95b
    2. Repaired: glass-milk_1f95b
  10. Repair #11 allows the ♨ emoji on iOS 10.2, Twemoji 2.2.3, Experience 8 and Facemoji 2.0 to render on the grid
    1. Normal: hot-springs_2668
    2. Repaired: hot-springs_2668-fe0f
  11. Repair #12 allows the πŸ₯ emoji on emojidex 1.0.14 (just one cell) to render on the grid.
    1. Normal: drum-with-drumsticks_1f941
    2. Repaired: drum-drumsticks_1f941
  12. Repair #13 allows the keycaps on platforms rleased before April 2, 2016 to render on the Grid.
    1. Normal: keycap-number-sign_23-fe0f-20e3
    2. Repaired: keycap-number-sign_23-20e3
  13. Repair #14 allows the subdivision flags on Whatsapp before 2017 to render on the grid
    1. Normal: flag-for-england_1f3f4-e0067-e0062-e0065-e006e-e0067-e007f
    2. Repaired: flag-for-england_1f1fd-1f1ea
  14. Repair #20 will allow partying face, bircks, DNA and toilet roll on Emojipedia 11.0 to render on the grid.
    1. Normal: face-with-party-horn-and-party-hat_1f973.png
    2. Repaired: face-with-smiling-eyes-and-party-horn-and-party-hat_1f973.png
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