The Electrotraitor disaster is a partial destruction event that started in March 2016 and ended in August 22, 2016 that killed The Angel👼 and Bride👰 of Nature in exchange for the Best Friends of Style👭, also resulting in Red color constant damage.


a-lpha sent the Pole of Leadership group and some lumicons to the OOMB pit. Pumpgrim, Tengrimu👺, Namahagrim👹 and Demonishife. Tengrimu👺 and a flying imp did the most damage. Best Friends of Style👭 later cleared up the pix flakes.

Entire Story Edit

In the alphaverse Edit

a-lpha was in Zeldaforme at that time. There was no a-artifact (unlike the Karthus disaster), but can detect effects indirectly by thunderstorms.

"Why is this such abnormally bad weather going on?" said a-lpha. "I will need something to forecast upcoming disasters in the case of another!"

He contacts the Massive Stone Area lumicons and the Pole of Leadership group. Angel of Nature👼 holds the POL group and then the lumicon army, and they fly off to the OOMB pit.

In the OOMB pit Edit

The Pole of Leadership group appeared far above the sky and land safely. The lumicons go to the bushes and the lumojites go into their areas. The sky becomes evening and Angel of Nature👼 watches closely.

Tengrimu👺 comes first by skiing on a pyroclastic flow. Angel of Nature👼 cannot be attacked directly because Tengrimu👺 has to go in the air and there are no Cliffs in the OOMB pit. Angel of Nature flies back to the area with Bride of Nature. She desides to block of Tengrimu's👺 attack but he diverts. A flying imp with a burdenate arrow comes as well.

"That fast-riding goblin is going to kill us. There's now a flying imp coming across the town and may shoot at us." said Bride of Nature👰. "What are we going to do?"

Namahagrim👹 and Vista's Cat come next, with a lot more flying imps. Beta Lollipop👧 can see them coming.

"Watch out, one of those flying imps are a lot more yellow than than most other flying imps we see" said Beta Lollipop👧.

The entire lumicon army bust out their darts knocking out many of the flying imps. When they struck the yellow, it struck lightning on some of the lumojites, killing some of the tier 6s. Demonishife popped up.

"I had the best efforts of trying to summon a yellow flying imp and nice try, it killed your residents.", said Demonishife. "Vista's Cat will now ravage you."

Heartbouned Kissy😘 and Beta Lollipop👧 gets knocked out by Vista's Cat, Deadpan😐 and Deadpan with Droplet😓 get eaten by Namahagrim👹 and Bride👰/Angel of Nature👼 got "swordfish-rammed" by Tengrimu👺's Pyroclast flow.

The biggest lumicon sent all the pix flakes to the lumiLab. They made an overload, and resultantly create the best Friends of Style👭.

Revenges and Side effects Edit

  1. On April 3, 2017, Tengrimu👺 and Namahagrim👹 were killed by the Best Friends of Style👭, alongside the yellow flying imp.
    1. These kills eventually made "Pukalo Reincarnation", the meteor burdenate in the Karthus disaster.
  2. The remaining flying imps took burdenate arrows (some from Ima Mazing) and drained the Red color constant.

The second disaster Edit

Unlike the previous, this did not happen in the OOMB Adventure pit and it affected Nightshade Empire. a-artifact also forecasted it. The partners of shife👭 were there instead of Tengrimu👺 and Namahagrim👹, and like the previous, there was a yellow flying imp.

TL;DR Edit

Glowforce 8😇 and many other lumojites (that includes flaggered Rolleye🙄) have been killed by the partners of Shife👭 and flying imps. Crystal Bride👰 and Nightshade👸 somehow survived, Monody👩‍🎤 evolves to a Bowie and Glowforce X🧚‍♀️ is born

Phase 1 and 2: November 2, 2017Edit

Nightshade Empire was sent outside assisted by a-artifact's forecasting. Demonishife summoned another yellow flying imp.

"What's that yellow flying imp doing? We knew it caused the thunderstorms last year and it's doing them again. Let's fight!" said Nightshade👸

It ended up striking Glowforce 8😇, resulting in the death. The drooling face🤤 was also killed and it was lured by Demonishife as "HyHyHy". It also tried to attack "Monody👩‍🎤", but Spring Titania🧚‍♀️'s power deflected it, evolving it to tier 8

"🎵Thanks for the blessing, spirits, I love that new plasma eye (proves resistance to lightning)🎵" said Monody Bowie👩‍🎤

Spring Glowforce🧚‍♀️, Blood Moon🧛‍♀️ and another Spring Merma🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ join Nightshade Empire

Phase 3 and 4: Early December 2017Edit

Rolleye🙄 dies to the yellow flying imp

Phase 5 and 6: Late December 2017 Edit

The partners of Shife👭 come into play, killing Heartbound Kissy😘😗😙😚, Gigglish😂, Celebrity mascot🙌🙏, and Sun👱‍♀️. They tried to attack Nightshade👸 and ~Crystal Bride👰, but their power is retained partially

Spring Titania🧚‍♀️ also evolved Spring Glowforce🧚‍♀️ into Glowforce X🧚‍♀️ by its nature move.

Various things were also done inside the alphaverse. Pumpgrim blew Strong winds with its cyclone scythe and Glowforce X lit up with rainbows.There was also a blood moon at the end of January 2018; only people outside the alphaverse can see it

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