An evenyt hosted at the Group at 01;00:00 UTC will be hosted on November 26, 2018. Sice it is Monday when event starts, a-lpha will have to try to fool the Warpler to play the event, just as in The First Group Anniversary.


Moonman: @everyone
PartyParrot0: Me me excite news :PartyParrot0:
necromancer: Tomorrow (Sunday) we are gonna have the autistic cancer event at around 7PM CST in 4TDM! (Drone class event). You are allowed to go Overseer, Overlord, Manager, Necromancer, or Factory! :overlord:
Let's all be cancer and wreck some noobs!


Once again, Gone and Ash were of opposite teams, but a few times the leaderboard was taken by green. a-lpha saved the event by using base repel


  1. Booster landmine
  2. Traitor rage
  3. Malfunctiomning factory
  4. [1]
  5. [2]
  6. [3]
  7. [4]
  8. [5]
  9. [6]
  10. [7]
  11. [8]
  12. [9]
  13. [10]
  14. Thunderbird eliminated
  15. Gone dies to base repel
  16. [11]
  17. [12]
  18. [13]
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