The Discord tetramount is one of the 4 currently standing tetramounts in the Alphaverse. It is a place where Events are hosted, and a way to provide visibility to the Media Spire


It was created on May 13, 2015, 2 days before Guardian of No Infringements was unearthed (which explains why it's proprietary), and attached to the alphaverse by Spring Titania on September 2, 2017.

About the portsEdit

A-lpha's discordEdit

This server will become a hub between DCCI and the new AgarCCI to recruit DCCI server members to there and servers, helping them revive


The name of the Community Cooperation Initiative for is AgarCCI because members of the community took the abbreviation "ACCI" and even created a subreddit.

This server is the "central" server of AgarCCI and servers above 60 members (excluding bots) related to will join (among other criteria)

From the start, the following servers and other places will be part of AgarCCI, if permission is granted:

  1. r/Agario
  2. Wikia
  3. MSV Official
  4. JP Chatovod
  5. JP and WunWun
  6. Squad
  7. Beer's Bar
  8. CEL's Hangout
  9. Pirate's Pub
  10. Notorious


Criteria for new servers to become part of DCCI are to have 40 members in a month (by November 29, 2018) in this server, which does have a section.

Then, members in the DCCI satellite should be helping at all times to grow this server to 500 members as soon as possible to transform the server to a full DCCI server

Microsoft CommunityEdit

This port was attached on the day where the Alphaverse was warping to Dimension 16299, and is still being attached today as it's an integral server for warping between dimensions.

Galaxy S8 reddit communityEdit

This port was attached in attempts at looking for new lumojites during the Second Electrotraitor disaster. It is currently inactive and the port may be removed at times where the the server limit has been reached.

The SimsEdit

This server is an integral part of the LumiLab, and it connects to the Twitter Monument and the Reddit Tetramount. Lumicons from there will be exported from the Lumilab.

The port was attacked by Rolleye after he was lured.


This server is a tiny Sims equivalent of Diepcord; it is relatively inactive and there are no roles. However, it is still a place there new lumicons are exported.

Sims WikiaEdit

This server was attached along with The Sims server but ti had to be moved off abruptly due to a form of technically impossible verification.

Fusionstyle SimsEdit

One of the Moderators of "The Sims" DM'd a-lpha a branch community. There are too many custom content users in there and the port was therefore abandoned.


a-lpha joined this server in May 2018 in thoughts of a event-hosting server. It became inactive and the server was deleted on June 9, 2018.

The GroupEdit

The group is one of the 5 current DCCI servers. While also playing in the early mornings, they also host rare events such as trapper dominations.

Diep ColonyEdit

The main purpose of the port being attach is the hosting of DCCI events, and events of their own, but they also play events in and


Diepcord is the most intricate server currently attached. This game focuses on opening links 24/7 and Open Lobbies, which are hosted every midnight between Friday and Saturday. There are opportunities to get tokens and it connects to the Reddit Tetramount.

DCCI SatelliteEdit

With the ownership of a server coming in Dimension 1809, the server will register to the DCCI Satellite on November 29, 2018, according to the requirements

Spade SquadEdit

This server is being used to provide the server selector that is used to play in certain game modes in other regions. A risky apporach is that the spades are the post talkative and they talk in a VC.

Exploring this server, it was found that they host events, but only extremely rarely.

Sinbad KnightsEdit

Sinbadx and major youtubers are in this un-attached former-DCCI event-hosting server. Port will be attached in the warps to Dimension 1809.

Sun KnightsEdit

A major player, Annokuu, has its active residence in this server which could be hosting events. It is a DCCI server so it certainly will but at least infrequently.

HIB NationEdit

In Open Lobby 288, it was revealed that this former-DCCI chat hosted an event that crossed with the open lobby. In the convenience of this, the port may be attached at Dimension 1809

Giraffe's FlamesEdit

This server was a previously attached former-DCCI event-hosting server. This is where Ashtail was first found.

Afterlife aka RUN (3)Edit

The server intended to replace Radiance, but the server still looks like it's being under construction and is inactive. The port will be taken down when there are no more open ports. WikiaEdit

The server hosts monthly events known as Sandboxes. It is also preparing for DCCI in attempts to bring this server active.


This server is there due to being a potential source of experimental private servers.


This server branches off the Wikia Tetramount, but was knocked off later on and had to be re-attached.

Hellcat and Cupcake's ArrasEdit

It is one of the most experimental servers, and therefore, the port will be attached by Dimension 1809.

ATWNM DiscordEdit

Tale of Diep is being converted into this "school trip style" discord server, where it takes the Alphaverse's Enviroball Empire to "The Realm", a major pit in the Versesystem.


This server has approximately 70,000 members, and is being used to provide media to the community.

Wun Wun communityEdit

This server was used along with MSV Official to try and find the real Wun Wun. British demon attacked a-lpha by cross-teaming with Liss.

JP DiscordEdit

This server is being used as a place to find JP, a dormant legend in the Red color constant. February 2018 contrasted very sharply to August 2018, because British demon attacked and jailed this port.

JP and Wun Wun discordEdit

Connected via the same reason as above.

MSV OfficialEdit

The discord server aims to get as many members as possible. They are a popular .io news source and common during takeovers.


This port was attached in hopes to expand the media spire with Blue Alpha and Lils' gameplay. Karthium bosses attacked this port many times by using a boxflooded language and the occasional refusing to play.


Floris owns this server but is inactive as of today and the server flashed ban threats due to Dutch foolery. The server hosted Flim wars frequently in January 2018.

Duo World CupEdit

It is like THE GROUP Tournament except it goes with duos in, but the server was deleted due to lack of interest. EventsEdit

A separate hub of events from all the chats in the ACCI ( Community Cooperative Initiative) for EU and NA players.

CEL's HangoutEdit

The currently active residence. At first the server was used for the andom events that Tiny Dino/Bullit played in.

The PubEdit

Port will be attached ASAP due to hosting events


Port will be attached ASAP due to hosting events and having Alp and Liss' residence

The Bin (Ophelia's Chat)Edit

A small server owned by the eliminated Agar Ophelia.

Beercan's ChatEdit

With relatively high leadership in the server, the server hosted Wednesday Wars, which are similar to SNFs.

Weekly's CrewEdit

A strange port in the Discord Tetramount was attached in attempts to find hidden members. Njoud and SpicyBigDaddy invade this chat very often and make severe cases of coercion

Savage squadEdit

This server is very small but anarchic because everyone here is an administrator


The War server division of Savage Squad, with 11 players remaining

Dumplingz and FriendsEdit

A small and inactive server hosted by DUMPLINGZ

Attaching new portsEdit

There are criteria for attaching new ports to make sure they don't direct towards the alphaverse dump and are beneficial to the Pole of Leadership.


  1. communities: The server requires the residence of a large youtuber (at least 500 subs), or one that hosts events successfully
  2. communities: The servers must be part of DCCI (non-satellite) or be home to a youtuber with over 2000 subscribers
  3. Official discord server only.
    1. In Dimension 1809, new ports will now include those hosted by a Rare Zomb or higher
  4. Official and Dev server only
    1. In Dimension 1809, a new port (Hellcat and Cupcake's Arras) will be attached.
    2. Sims communities: Active servers only, can only focus on non-modded or MCCC
    3. Spade Squad is required despite not meeting the Community Criteria, because it maintains the server selector for
    4. Microsoft community: official one only
    5. The Group's tournament center, War and Chatwar: integral to a chat meeting criteria
  5. Servers not meeting criteria:
    1. r/GalaxyS8: Server inactive
    2. Simscord: Server inactive


  1. The large youtuber at this community is active or home to this server.
  2. The entire community speaks English
  3. There should be no locked Voice channels
  4. Events should have a low chance of fail and have as many members as possible, and be hosted at or, and should not intersect other live events, except for world events like the Royal Wedding.
  5. The server needs to be friendly, and the Youtuber role requires a low standard.
  6. For sims communites, custom content needs to be entirely separated from canonical content
  7. The servers need to be preventative instead of punitive, ans there should be a way to appeal a block, mute or ban.
  8. The verification level set to medium or lower
  9. New member messages
  10. The, Mee6, Miki and Yggdrasill bots
  11. Webhooks, intergrations and widgets used professionally

Dissalowed featuresEdit

  1. All rooms in the server marked as NSFW
  2. The highest verification level and other forms of techniclly impossible verification
  3. Server that almost entirely speaks another language other than English.
  4. Strict or messed up rules
  5. Random mutes, kicks and bans
  6. Indefinete mutes and bans that are too easy to get
  7. Outright inactivity


  1. This lured spirit found with the Karthiumscope
  2. Dooby
  3. Shifeshadow
  4. Flesh-imp
  5. [[ The Anonymous Commissioner. The purple dots turn blue dot lumicons to shifelings
  6. Hacker-only users like KeirStarmer are the only users at my server that would be banned or blocked.
  7. British demon, who crossteamed with many lumicons residing there, jailing other ports
  8. Partners of Shife, who crossteamed with Weekly and attempted to destroy a port using the invaders above
  9. Pumpgrim Reaper,, who knocked off Weekly's Crew as a result of coercion and a clastrone
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