At the very start of January 12, 2020, Ichio will host a Diepkart event, serial escalated with map hazards


22:06] [GSDC] 🤬: @everyone it's NITRO EVENT TIME Y'ALL :sexting: this saturday at 7pm EST, we're hosting another DIEP KART event in maze, but bE cAreFuL; there may be some hidden obstacles along the track this time around :wideblush: this includes hidden landmines, people suddenly popping out to attack you, etc..

each racer will run 2 laps around the edges of the map once each round starts. there will be 3 rounds of racing, meaning there will be 3 NITRO WINNERS in this event!

if you'd like to participate in this event, please react with the :anotherone: emoji to this message to sign up. you MUST use either your discord name, or a name that we know you by as your in-game name.

be sure to join the Event Chat in the voice channels if you'd like to participate in the event! sEe YoU tHErE :kittyexcite:


Part of the way through the preparation phase (which is over one hour long), lag attacked the event, thefting nitro and the potential level 45 that would have been used later in the event. F-22 later raided the event, eventually causing it to be redirected to sandbox


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