On January 6, 2019, THE MACHINE in Diep Colony will host an event at 17:00:00 UTC.


  • 17:56] THE-MACHINE: Hey hey hey there my fellow colonists!
  • The time has come once more to host a diep event.
  • I have 2 suggestions as to what type of event to do.
  • • An old fashion 4-tdm takeover with one specific tank.
  • • A ffa protect/feed to get someone to 2-5mil.
  • The tanks will be announced later on today and the event will take place tomorrow at 12:00PM EST on Miami servers.
  • React 1️⃣ for takeover, and 2️⃣ for the protect feeding. @everyone(edited)
  • [17:58] THE-MACHINE: P.S. I know you all are still out of school so no excuses not to show up
  • [17:59] THE-MACHINE: The time might change, I’ll listen to your feedback and see about a later time to account for different time zones



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