A event was hosted on May 18, 2018. The event appears to be a takeover as Sauna Girl and Suprise were the main characters.


Apex: event was ok last time, this week friday at 4:30 pm EST we we have a event with all lower-class tanks (trappers except auto and gunner trapper, battleship, streamliner etc. ) most likely dallas or miami 4tdm.

The last 45 minutes of the deadline were after the official start of the event because Apex Predator was offline.

In ActionEdit

Apex: @everyone @THE-MACHINE idk wtf is wrong with the 🤬 MY CHINE. But he mega 🤬🤬. Event will be now LINK:

It took about 20 minutes for Suprise and Sauna Girl to Level 45. After upgrading to Overtrapper, Sauna Girl and Suprise attracted several other players, including The Fallen Apple, The Machine, and others as seen in the first screenshot.

RAD clan was worth of noting as a member of that can died to Sauna Girl and took revenge.

After almost 3 hours, The Fallen Apple rwached 1 million with Smasher, with Sauna Girl witnessing


  1. Sauna Girl with Suprise and a few other players attracted to the area
  2. Sauna Girl after death to RAD clan
  3. Fallen's 500k: Fallen, Sauna Girl's witness
  4. Fallen after defeating a fallen booster
  5. Fallen's million: Fallen, Sauna Girl's witness
  6. Fallen's death at 1.058m
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