In the early morning (1:00 AM) on July 1, 2018, there will be a takeover hosted at The Group. They were dancing 10 routines in the disco located at the bottom left corner, and this event will be part of the Year Montage

Deadline TranscriptEdit

Hey guys Boner here :3 Just a heads up for my friends that were having an event this weekend! and its gonna be a fun time as we dance with tanks and judge who is the dankest tank of all on the dance floor! We will be hosting this event in tdm so noone can ruin it with OP tanks like arena closers thank goodness lol. Also at the same time were gonna also be doing a takeover. After (or during) the dance competition were gonna rekt the place xD. Just show up this saturday night around 9pm eastern standard time and we will post a link and have some fun! So make sure you find a song you like and come up with a dance routine cause there will be competition >:D see you there! @everyone


Between the 8th and 9th routine, the battle moved on to a takeover and once they retreated for the 9th, a-lpha got 56k from killing a tri-angle and a booster.

After the 10th game, the entire group rushed to the red base.


  1. Astral at center of base
  2. Astral at center of base again
  3. Astral under crush
  4. Rapture multiboxing
  5. Vap seeing multiboxing
  6. Prodigy's sight
  7. Astral and dancers
  8. Astral with dancers again
  9. Astral and dancers 3
  10. Stral and dancers in a line
  11. Vap at corner
  12. A swarm of necro drones
  13. Vap 100k
  14. FEATURED: The end of the club
  15. FEATURED: Boner in over 100 drones
  16. FEATURED: Astral's Hug
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