This event is currently hosted at Diep Colony by Apex Predator. It will be a 4tdm civil war using most of the Triple Shot's upgrades.


Apex: This friday at 5:00pm EST we will have another event. This time it will be a civil war on a miami or chicago 4tdm. One side can use triplet and spreadshot and the other penta and sprayer. Vote :white_check_mark: if you will participe.

Unlike last event, the overdue time was not as long as the previous

Event in actionEdit

The event lasted about 30 minutes, with Sauna Girl surviving much longer and also scoring 1.2 million. The server went from fully contested, to contested between Green and Purple, then 100% Green, and then back to normal. Possibly due to a wild civil war the server also went back to being contested between Green and Purple


  1. The Machine, 141k
  2. Sauna Girl, 100% Green
  3. Sauna Girl's end at 1.2 million
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