On June 1, 2018, there will be a destroyer event in a US server.


Apex: @everyone 🤬' one Event Friday at 5 pm EST time. We'll use only destroyer class. Miami or dallas or US tdm likely

The event was only 20 minutes late.


The lag was discriminating the players location (including Aurora Vista) by giving EU players over 200ms. The takeover was 90% complete, but could've gone further if the lag was fixed. 50 minutes after the event, JB Colombia and Apex had a quarrel and Apex temporarily lost the Helper and Diep Manager.


  1. Aurora Vista, lag death 1
  2. Aurora Vista, 385 MS
  3. XGaboux, 55.5k
  4. Colombia, 31k
  5. Brackets, lag death
  6. Aurora Vista, 2750 MS
  7. XGaboux final score
  8. Colombia, 132k
  9. Colombia, 203k
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