Demonishife is a jet-black sorceress and a Karthium Boss summoned by Karthus on 9000 BC, in Alphaverse War 1


In addition to the jet-black look she has, she also has jet-black gloves, black-to-gray hair and has a book with a Pumpkin with orange steam coming from the pumpkin's eyes. The other details are found here.


Demonishife uses Demonic Magic to attack lumicons from close distances, which will give them flailing demonic magic, which gradually deals damage to them, and on pix flakes, effectively turns them to Shifelings.

Demonishife also summons and oversees flying imps, which are small orange imps with thin tails that fly in the air and are able to pick up burdenate arrows and can even attack while dead.

Demonishife summoning flying imps through a building built by a partially cursed lumicon

These moves effectively makes Demonishife similar to the tank, Necromancer.

Karthium boss classEdit

Demonishife is designated as being the co-leader of the Shife Empire, which means most flying imps and shifelings are part of the Shife Empire


It was born directly in Demonishife's Temple in Karthus' Lair, built by the burdenates. Alongside Pumpgrim Reaper, she is the cause of Phase 2 of Alphaverse War 1, and destroyed all the buildings with flying imps.

In the modern alphaverse, she used shifelings and flying imps to take down a cat in the Enviroball on August 31, 2007.

She also summoned Electrotraitor flying imps in the Electrotraitor disasters.

In the Karthus disaster, she was startled by Beta Hutor and immediately started summoning flying imps to fight Pole of Leadership Empire. Once Pukalo Reincarnation's meteor destroyed the entire city, Demonishife lured over 1000 shifelings, including Partners of Shife.

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