There are 3 color constants in the Alphaverse and the number varies in other monuments. A project in 2005 which also made the Media Spire possible opened the constants.

Red color constantEdit

The red color constant is located in the 18:00 part of the alphaverse and is particularly the most important, as it helps the Media Spire.

JP occupied this tetramount in September 2006, and Wun Wun joined almost 9 years later in June 2015. The constant glowed blindingly bright as other members draw in.

The glow started to slow down in April 2016 at the start of the Electrotraitor disaster when the electrotraitor fling imp knocked down Wun Wun and other shifelings took over the constant. A lot of longstanding members survived later on, even in 2017. This fall caused British demon and many (currently dead) Pole of Leadership burdenates to form.

In 2017 and 2018, most of the ports of the Discord tetramount were attached to the red color constant. The constant is still being used for the media spire.

Green color constantEdit

At the 12:00 position, it was occupied on January 2010 and is being used to generate alphaverse elements for the LumiLab. 9.5 million lumicons rely on its growth as of July 2018

Blue color constantEdit

At the 6:00 position, the leader occupied this constant in 2011, and in the turn of August to October 2016, cary was using the alphavese elements to control creatures. Empty in 2018

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