At 02:00:00 on January 27, 2019, Boner Alert will host a rare 2-team civil war, with money game prizes and free nitro.


Time for another CIVIL WAR :maniacallaugh: thats right lets kill the shit out of each other this saturday night at 9pm eastern standard time we will be going to 2tdm to fight. We have 2 new channels and 2 new roles. RED TEAM AND BLUE TEAM. Ask a staff member to give you a role for the team you want to be on and then you will have access to the red or blue team channel so you can strategize with your team mates! During the event when one team has over 600k total on the leaderboard in points (not including outside players) that team wins! Now for the rewards! Winning team all gets 1m in moneygame each! Losing team still gets 100k in moneygame for participating! And now the big prize, whoever is on top of the leaderboard on either team when the game ends wins 1 MONTH FREE NITRO :WOOOOOOOOW: so everyone buckle up for this weekend and pick your side! See you there for the battle! >:D @everyone

Later on in the day, they moved the event to 8PM EST (potentially intersecting the Locktrap stream), and then Boner Alert randomly forfeited hosting:

hi frens :meowpuffyohhh: so, we've got some news. unfortunately, boner is no longer hosting the event.. but sloth IS! y'all better thank him, because him and other staff are working hard to run the event instead. we felt that we needed to make this announcement just in case people question where boner is. don't worry, all of the information above this announcement is still all intact. thaNK YOu for listening :meowhearthug:


This was an intense event. It started off as a trapper base at the pentagon farm. Red team started growing rapidly to a spawncamp, especially once the LS clan joined the red team after getting salty in 4TDM. After that, a-lpha exchanged between manager, auto trapper fighter, hybrid, and finally ranger. Once Colombia and Vaptine died to the base drones, a-lpha took out the gunner trapper and 3 octos, and eventually completing a turnaround.


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