The Alphaverse and everything around it contains thousands of characters in its history


  1. a-lpha: The Leader, overseeing every lumicon in the alphaverse
  2. The Copyleft: Arch enemy of The Copyright
  3. The Copyright
  4. Battered survivalist scarecrow: a karthium boss scaring burdenates who try to invade the Pole of Leadership
  5. Orne, a karthium boss defeated just as the adventurer arrives
  6. Merma's Shell and most cells in the Emoji Panorama



  1. 60000 other members of the Emoji Panorama

Pole of Leadership EmpireEdit

  1. Best Friends of Style, defeated Tengrimu and the clastrones in 2017
  2. Bride of Nature
  3. Angel of Nature
  4. Sprimg Merma, major survivor of the Karthus disaster
  5. Zebedee
  6. Sunshine, the Sun of the alphaverse from 2000 to 2015. From the edge of the Z-bridge from 2000 to 2012, it was possible to see a total Solaris-eclipse.
  7. Axero
  8. The Bridge
  9. All other styllings

Enviroball EmpireEdit

  1. April
  2. One Celebrity, major Warpler paladin
  3. Sauna Girl, Ovto or Golde
  4. Aurora Vista, a previous Enviroball leader
  5. Ozziene
  6. Troube afoot
  7. All others

Glowforce EmpireEdit

Including the previous Nightshade Empire

  1. Nightshade, the most prolific lumicon in the alphaverse neighborhood
  2. Crystal Bride
  3. Sun
  4. Glowforce 8
  5. Demon Vamp
  6. Glowforce Goldcap
  7. Rolleye, the flaggered baiter used by this empire
  8. Blood moon
  9. Silvan
  10. Monody
  11. The Art of Therian
  12. All other crystallings

Merma's Squad and other empiresEdit

  1. Merma: mermaids of 6 elements in the strong side. The Golde element Merma was raised in the alphaverse from 2008 to 2011
  2. Ghost Paladin
  3. Aurora Seven, created an enviroball theme in 2009 before Spirit Vienna took over
  4. Solaris, the Sun (both in Bloue and Solaris empires) on the south end of the alphaverse opposing Karthus' Lair.


  1. rosemow bush
  2. Beta Hutor, a Karthus disaster fighter
  3. Bloue Nightshade, a British demon disaster fighter
  4. Solar Plasma, a gray-ish lumicon fighting in the Karthus disaster


  1. Ursuul, Zathsu, Goldenpatrik, Banarama, Tidal Wave, Fillygroove, Utkar, major members of the Wikia tetramount
  2. Jimbo Wales, Koavf, Ser Amantio di Nicolao, major members of the Wikimedia tetramount
  3. Omesh and Phupper, major membvers of the abandoned Anti-Idle tetramount
  4. rosemow and simlish1, major members of the abandoned Sims Forums tetramount
  5. A wide range of cross-room members were found in the Reddit and Discord tetramounts

Color constantsEdit

  1. Grant Thompson, with 11 million lumicons residing has been famous for his elemental alchemy
  2. carykh is known to use neutral networks to simulate lumicons.
  3. Wun Wun and JP are sacred, fallen members of the Red color constant. After joining a port who was mistakenly found as a former DCCI server, Giraffe was revived by Spirit Vienna


  1. Lisobel, the Friar of the Pole of Leadership
  2. Gold dust star, a prolifc shaman similar to Golde Sauna Girl, but in Bloue Empire
  3. Ocean Wonderlander, the Spring Merma-like semi-lumojite in Bloue Empire
  4. Previous lumicons from The Warpler
  5. Yellow Witch
  6. Aemos Pentadecathlon, including Rosabel and Fan
  7. 10700 members of the Disney Monument, including 41 mermas and a few hundred mages
  8. 3000 members of the Smash Monument, including Galeem and Dharkon, both of which have 25599 power score
  9. 1000 natural definitions on the Pokemon Panorama
  10. All 250 redditoria, including about 7 witches and wizards
  11. 75 Literature characters, including Hecate and the 6 Shakespearian Witches
  12. 800 members and natural definitions of the Old Finite Versesystem
  13. 1500 doodles created in the Blobmoji Pit, including Yellow Witch and the 14 Dalida states
  14. Numerous possible lumicons and lumojites which haven't been found completely, some may have been seen by the Karthiumscope, and the warrior lumicons repairing the Alphaverse



  1. Spring Titania, gave birth to Best Friends of Style
  2. Spring Oberon
  3. Spirit Verena, gave birth to Aurora Vista, One Celebrity and several other guardians
  4. Spring Glowforce, gave birth to Rolleye
  5. Glowforce X, previously had Magic Flaring
  6. Glowforce Y
  7. Spirit of Nature
  8. Bloue Spirit
  9. One Spirit
  10. Spirit Birdie


  1. Spirit Venus, gave birth to Bride of Nature
  2. Spirit Mercury, gave birth to Nightshade
  3. a-artifact, Friar of Zeldaforme
  4. 95 spirits in the Disney Monument
  5. Approximately 15 spirits from the Smash Panorama and another 30 from the Pokemon Panorama
  6. Flareleaf and possibly 5 more from drawings in the Blobmoji Pit
  7. Rainbow Dart


  1. Karthus, the leader of his lair

Karthium bossesEdit

  1. Pumpgrim Reaper and his eagle, who unearthed the main Clastrones
  2. Demonishife, responsible for making thunder in the Electrotraitor disasters
  3. Pukalo Reincarnation, responsible for killing all the lumojite styllings in the Pole of Leadership Empire
  4. British demon, a lured red color constant player who tried to destroy ports in the Discord tetramount by crossteaming
  5. The Anonymous Comissioner, who also tried to destroy the Discord tetramount
  6. Partners of Shife, the strongest shifeling in the alphaverse network
  7. Vista's Cat, pulls a-lpha and blazered burdenates to The Warpler
  8. Tengrimu, the largest clastrone before April 2017


  1. Old Man's Dust Sucker, largest Vitreum
  2. Dreadful Ashes in varius burmojenate empires.
  3. Thar
  4. Namahagrim
  5. Shifegrimu
  6. The shifelings from the Karthus disaster and many clastrones unearthed by Pumpgrim, and most Vitreums


  1. Njoud, a clastrone that destroyed a port of the Discord tetramount
  2. Carnalbrute, Lxxxxe, LMS clan, the main disrputors of the Red color constant in addition to nthe slow teaming clans. All of preceding areshifelings
  3. Pole of leadership burdenates, Clastrones, Shifelings, Vistalings and flying imps
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